Adopt an orange tree

Frasada Food – Company Farm Farruggio Santo is glad to foster a great initiative for the lovers of nature. In fact, you can sponsor a Red Orange Tree of Sicily and you will be able to follow all the vegetative phases of the year, from sprouting to harvesting.The adopter will be promptly informed about all the actions undertaken, so he will monitor at a distance the entire production process of every single plant. This takes on a non-indifferent ethical significance as the adopter directly participates, as a true producer, on the natural development of the plant, with the guarantee of having a genuine and eco-sustainable product KM 0.

A minimum quantity of 50 kg/plant of red oranges Tarocco variety is guaranteed for the adopter, and it wil be dispatched free of charge to the preferred address once or twice, according to the needs of the recipient and on the basis of the ripening period of the fruit.

It will be enough to sign an agreement for adoption, with the subsequent payment of a stake of 99 euros/plant. The adopter will receive a copy of the contract and a photograph of the plant at the time of subscription. If the adopter wish to come to the farm to collect the oranges himself, the share is 80 euros/plant.

We support Italian agriculture, we support Sicilian agriculture, we promote Made in Italy.


Adoption contract

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