Frasada food is a family-run, young and dynamic farm, which cultivates and tells about the production of dried fruits (Especially almonds), citrus fruits and olive oil for 3 generations. The result of the sacrifices, experiences and ideas of the Farruggio family over the years, have believed in the ability to do business, joining tradition and innovation, specializing in the processing, processing and marketing of their products directly to the consumer (Short chain).

The farm is located in the heart of Sicily, under the aegis of the Etna volcano, in an area between the Plane of Catania (Areas of production of PGI red pulp oranges) and the slopes of the Iblei Mountains (Areas of production of PDO extra virgin olive oil), in the territory between Palagonia and Mineo, with an extension of several hectares cultivated with olive trees (For the production of natural blend oil and strictly extracted in cold), citrus fruit (Especially red or blond pulp oranges and lemons) and almonds, in addition to a large number of figs, carobs, walnuts, laurels, and various types of spontaneous aromatic plants (Oregano, sage, rosmarinus, thyme).

The company perfectly combines innovation and tradition, preserving the organoleptic qualities of productions in respecting and safeguarding the environment, guaranteeing the flavors of the past, and offering the best, focusing on quality and freshness. Only Made in Italy, Only Made in Sicily.

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