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Ingredients (For 10 people):


To prepare the caramel and hazelnut cheesecake, start preparing the bottom: put the Digestive biscuits in the mixer together with the cane sugar, finely chop them and transfer them to a bowl. Dissolve the butter in a pan or microwave and add it gradually to the cookies, mixing for to mix everything well. Apply a cake, preferably with a circular opening, of a diameter of 22 centimeters and litter it with baking paper. Pour the crushed biscuits into the pie and with the back of a spoon compact the biscuit base well. Cool the base in a fridge for half an hour or in a freezer for 15 minutes. Now, fill yourself with filling from the preparation of the caramel: in a sufficiently large pan and thick bottom, put 120 grams of ground sugar into a low heat with 25 ml of water; The bottom is often useful. Try to spread evenly the heat, avoid burning the sugar even before it caramels. When the sugar has bought a nice brown color, join another 50 ml of hot water and mix quickly. Remove from the fire the caramel sauce and allow it to cool to room temperature. In a planetary with a whip, or in a bowl with the help of a hand whip, or an electric whisker, soften fresh spreadable cheese and add caramel sauce. Meanwhile, chop the hazelnuts in a mixer, leaving some whole aside for final decoration. Add fresh spreadable cheese and caramel 25 grams chopped hazelnuts and finally powdered sugar. Blanch the gelatin sheets in cold water for 10 minutes. Once softened, squeeze the jelly and let it dissolve in 2 tablespoons of whipped cream, taken from the total dose you have made to cool. When the mixture has reached room temperature, merge the gelatine dissolved in cream. Aside from snow, stop the remaining cream and incorporate it into the cream, gently mixing it with a spatula from bottom to top. Fresh spreadable cheese with caramel and hazelnuts is ready: resume the chilled biscuit base and pour over the cream, taking care to keep two tablespoons of dough for the final garnish. Finally level the surface with a spoon or the back of a spoon and place the caramel cheesecake and hazelnuts for 4 hours to solidify. Once you have spent your rest, shape your cheesecake and decorate it on the surface with some tufts of sealed cream and put in a sac-à-poche with a starry nose, and chopped hazelnuts, and on the edges with crushed hazelnuts. Here is your caramel cheesecake and hazelnuts!


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