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Ingredients for 5 stamens from 200 ml (4 people):


To make the almonds sour cream cooked start by putting the gelatin in cold water for 10 minutes or until it has softened. In the meantime pour the cream and almond milk into a pan, combine the extract of bitter almond and sweeten the mixture, touch the boil, then turn off the fire and incorporate the powdered sugar, mixing it with a whip pull the sugar. Now squeeze the softened gelatin sheets together with the hot mixture, mixed with the whip so that gelatine dissolves well without forming lumps. Then pour the liquid into 4 stamps of capacity of 200 ml each, helping you with a ladle. Place the stencils in the fridge for 5 hours or until it is well hard (The times may vary depending on the cooling capacity of your fridge). After the time has elapsed, resume the stamps and mold them; Forget in this operation to immerse them in seconds in boiling water, then pour them directly onto the serving dish. Place the pan in the fridge and in the meantime take care of the sealant cream: install the cold cream with the electric whips when the powdered sugar is embedded and continue until it is mounted on snow well. Then pour the coffee of the moka, gently mix the the ingredients, transfer the cream into a sac-à-poche and garnish each of the almonds sour cream cooked with coffee cream flakes and almond flakes.


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