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Ingredients (For 4 people):


To make the calf roll with the nuts, take the calf pulp and cut it into an accordion trying to get a single long slice, at least 1 centimeter high (Or, do this cutting operation to your butcher). Beat your meat slice well after having deprived it of any fat edges; Wash the Parsley well, shave the stalks and chop it very finely and chopped or chopped the walnuts. Above the slice of meat, put on the cooked ham, the sliced ​​fontina, chopped parsley and walnut kernels in this precise sequence. Roll all over and tie your roasted roast well with a string so that the filling can not escape during cooking and strike a rosemary sprig and two to three sage leaves between the rope. At this point, put the roast in a saucepan, in which you have previously melted the butter with the oil, and brown it so that it takes color on all sides. Boil the roll of calf with pepper and salt, wipe it all with milk and let it cook low for at least one hour and 30 minutes remembering to roast the roast from time to time. At the end of cooking, the milk must have been reduced and the cooking surface must be creamy. Make sure the roast is cooked to the point, then remove it from the pan and keep it warm, covered. Smear with a dough mixer at the bottom of the cooking and then if necessary, do it further thicken by adjusting, in the end, salt and pepper. Once ready, serve the roast cut in slices, cut off with the baking jug (Why not put the roll on a bed of curly salad decorated with a little gherillum? If nuts prefer sweeter flavors , Replace it with almond scales: the delicacy will remain untouched!).


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