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9 May 2021
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Frasada Box – Sicilian Granita Kit



FRASADA BOX – Sicilian Granita Kit is a kit ready for the homemade preparation of the traditional Sicilian granita, with the ingredients already dosed, very easy to prepare, to enjoy it directly at home. The kit consists of:

  • 6 Brioche “Có tuppu” (Typical sicilian sweetie bread by Siculabrioche), individually packaged in a protective atmosphere and eco-sustainable packaging;
  • 1 Sicilian almond paste, with 33% of Sicilian almond;
  • 1 Stainless steel spoon with serrated edge;
  • 1 Eco-sustainable PLA bowl to prepare/contain the Sicilian granita;
  • 1 Bottle of natural water;
  • 1 Bags of Sicilian chopped almond to garnish;

You can order your FRASADA BOX – Sicilian Granita Kit for only € 29.90 including shipping in Italy

Hurry to order your kit! 😉

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